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Plant Tags for free!*

When gardening one can never have enough plant tags! You lose some, give some away, the weather has a go at vanquishing a few. All kinds of ways your plant tag reserves can easily shrink. Yet, if you’re like me and you grow all kinds of plants all over the place you need heaps throughout the growing season. Nowadays more sustainable options are becoming available, like wooden or recycled plastic plant tags. But they usually come with a price tag, and still need to be produced somewhere using some kind of raw materials… Plenty of reasons to make your own…

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Where to buy garden seeds in New Zealand?

Alright! So you’ve done some observing and you’re keen to buy garden seeds and get growing! You could simply go to an online search engine and type: “buy garden seeds in New Zealand*”. You’d get a long list (and some ads!) of places to buy seeds from. Easy as. However, in this post I’d like to share some thoughts on why you should give this simple action some more thought. A little longer than the previous posts in the series on how to start an edible permaculture garden in New Zealand. I do hope that it’s of enough interest that…

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Climbing Tokomaru / Mount Robertson – our first ‘mountain’ in New Zealand

In October we were lucky to have two long weekends: one because of Labour Day and one because of Marlborough Day (all regions in New Zealand have a ‘Day’, which means: a day off!). That meant we had some time to explore. During the first weekend we end up climbing Tokomaru / Mount Robertson in New Zealand. This post shares our tramping adventure up and down this beautiful mountain. Remember our little hike at the Pukaka Valley? Well, it is possible to follow that path further, all the way up the mountain. However, on that day we decided not to….

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Observations from a permaculture garden in New Zealand

Welcome (back) to my blog series on how I start an edible permaculture garden in New Zealand. This post will focus on some of the observations I made around “my” plot in the community gardens. This is not a definitive guide on how to observe. Rather, I hope it serves as inspiration for some of the things you could observe in your own landscape. Remember, in no way can you go wrong with observing. The only thing is to do it. Try to do it regularly and frequently. It doesn’t have to be long. Maybe you can take a few…

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Adventures in New Zealand!

It’s October. And Spring is finally here! Time for some of our adventures in New Zealand. The past couple of weeks we’ve taken time on the weekends to enjoy our surroundings and explore the area a bit more. In this blog we’ll take you on some of these trips! The weather is starting to get warmer. We see more of the sun and it’s getting windier.. Yes, that’s typical Spring weather over here! Nice, warm (±20°C) and very windy. Plants are starting to explode. Blossom and flowers dominate gardens and the birds are more busy. We’re loving it, although it…

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