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Humans are storytellers. This is how we give meaning to our lives. Also, fundamentally it is how we shape the world around us. And our impact on the shape of the world around us is far from good.


We see the lack of resilience as a fundamental and underlying problem. It’s interconnected with many of the crises we face on a global scale today. Resilience is missing in many of the stories we so strongly have come to believe to be true.


Elements of Resilience is our attempt at sharing one of the many alternative stories we believe are so desperately needed.


Elements Of Resilience

At the ♥︎ of ELEMENTS OF RESILIENCE is a framework of 5 interconnected elements.

It’s aim is to provide tools, inspiration and practical guidance to anyone working towards more resilience in their lives.

Exploring Resilience

The aim of our Youtube channel is to share this framework in an accessible and personal way.

It’s aim is sharing, learning about and co-creating a resilient narrative.

The Resilience Blog

In addition to the framework and podcast, we host a blog. The purpose of THE BLOG is to focus on sharing in-depth information.

It’s also an opportunity to share images and a sneek-peek into our daily life .

    Elements of Resilience - Rhythm - Logo


    Dynamics and adaptations are essential for resilience; keeping your internal balance, despite changing conditions around you.

    Elements of Resilience - Nourish - Logo


    The physical body needs nutrients to survive, but food and nutrition play a much bigger role in our lives.

    Elements of Resilience - Motion - Logo


    The human body is made to move; life is not static and therefore change is inevitable.

    Elements of Resilience - Social - Logo


    Interpersonal contact is essential for human beings to thrive.

    Elements of Resilience - Self - Logo


    Humans flourish when they can lead a meaningful life, which can imply something different for everyone.