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Earthquakes in New Zealand

We’ve experienced quite a few earthquakes since arriving in Aotearoa New Zealand only 6 months ago! Some big, some small, some barely noticeable at all. One even made headlines all the way back in the Netherlands. Triggering heaps of messages to ask us if we’re alright. Well, yes, we are! I’ve been reading a bit about this fascinating subject since we first got shaken up. I thought I would write a post about it sharing some of the things I’ve learned. I’ll probably revisit this one in the future as there’s way more to earthquakes (in New Zealand and beyond)…

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Running New Zealand!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I have heaps of inspiration and enough adventures to write about. However, I’m training to run a marathon (my second)! This means lots of running all over New Zealand. Add full-time work to this and that equals (very) limited spare time. Yesterday I’ve been on my longest training run – 34km that turned into 36km… This means today is a sitting/lying-down day: time to write! As there are only three weeks left until my marathon, I thought it would be nice to take you on some of my New Zealand…

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Climbing Tokomaru / Mount Robertson – our first ‘mountain’ in New Zealand

In October we were lucky to have two long weekends: one because of Labour Day and one because of Marlborough Day (all regions in New Zealand have a ‘Day’, which means: a day off!). That meant we had some time to explore. During the first weekend we end up climbing Tokomaru / Mount Robertson in New Zealand. This post shares our tramping adventure up and down this beautiful mountain. Remember our little hike at the Pukaka Valley? Well, it is possible to follow that path further, all the way up the mountain. However, on that day we decided not to….

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Adventures in New Zealand!

It’s October. And Spring is finally here! Time for some of our adventures in New Zealand. The past couple of weeks we’ve taken time on the weekends to enjoy our surroundings and explore the area a bit more. In this blog we’ll take you on some of these trips! The weather is starting to get warmer. We see more of the sun and it’s getting windier.. Yes, that’s typical Spring weather over here! Nice, warm (±20°C) and very windy. Plants are starting to explode. Blossom and flowers dominate gardens and the birds are more busy. We’re loving it, although it…

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Week 6 & 7- Get to work!

Follow along in our series of blogs about our adventures in New Zealand As we move into more of a rhythm of daily life, time seems to fly by even faster. Although a bit slow with the updates (partially because of starting work), we plan to keep them coming! We will also move away from weekly updates and more towards sharing highlights. As well as some other topics we’re keen on sharing! Remember to subscribe to our website for a (give or take) monthly email if you want to stay updated. Starting Work It’s the first of September! That means…

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