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Winter in New Zealand, holiday to The Netherlands & Matariki

Long time no see! Two whole months of no blogs – you must be wondering what we’re up to! Well, lots of things changed in those weeks. We have moved house, went on holiday to The Netherlands, celebrated Matariki and enjoyed New Zealand winter. Today I’ll give you a little update. We’ll be back with more blogs and videos a bit more regularly from now on! Moving house Just 6 days before we left on our trip to The Netherlands we moved house! We found a tiny rental house not far from where we used to live. It’s a small…

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My first-ever Marathon in New Zealand!

Yes, I know, I know, I owe you a little race report from the Buller Gorge marathon I ran on 11 February… Back in January I wrote about my training and preparation for my first NZ marathon, located on the beautiful West Coast of New Zealand! Here, I’d like to share how it went (better late than never?). Spoiler alert: as per usual in life, things did not go as planned! Yet, even though my first marathon in New Zealand didn’t turn out as expected, it was a great experience nonetheless! Before the marathon I took a day off on…

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Failures in a permaculture garden in New Zealand

Time to share some of the failures in my permaculture garden! This season I was overly optimistic that everything would work out according to plan. Of course, reality caught up with me… Gardening in general is quite notorious as being a failure-prone activity. Besides this, working with permaculture principles in your garden does not safeguard you against failures either. Rather it’s how you deal with them that might differ a little. Let me share with you what I mean by that. Failures?! It’s a relatively small garden, but holy smokes can it feel overwhelmingly big sometimes! Especially when the “weeds”…

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Earthquakes in New Zealand

We’ve experienced quite a few earthquakes since arriving in Aotearoa New Zealand only 6 months ago! Some big, some small, some barely noticeable at all. One even made headlines all the way back in the Netherlands. Triggering heaps of messages to ask us if we’re alright. Well, yes, we are! I’ve been reading a bit about this fascinating subject since we first got shaken up. I thought I would write a post about it sharing some of the things I’ve learned. I’ll probably revisit this one in the future as there’s way more to earthquakes (in New Zealand and beyond)…

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Running in New Zealand!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I have heaps of inspiration and enough adventures to write about. However, I’m training to run a marathon (my second)! This means lots of running all over New Zealand. Add full-time work to this and that equals (very) limited spare time. Yesterday I’ve been on my longest training run – 34km that turned into 36km… This means today is a sitting/lying-down day: time to write! As there are only three weeks left until my marathon, I thought it would be nice to take you on some of my New Zealand…

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